Indian Women are Crazy for Modern Churidar Styles

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Published: 09th February 2010
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Churidar suits are highly preferred choice of Indian women since traditional times. Be it any female, short, long, plus size, slim or petite all love churidars a lot over salwar kameez. It's so because churidars enhance every figure equally.

But with time churidars have taken a great turn. Their styles keep changing with time. Traditionally churidars were used to make up of cotton fabric only and were used to tailor only. No doubt they were flattering at those times also but women used to face slight problems also with them. Like either they used to be loose or very tight and both ruin appearance greatly. Loose churidars mar the whole appearance of the salwar suit set and tight churidars are very uncomfortable to wear. Especially while sitting and bending down they create great problem. These are the difficulties women used to face with traditional churidars.

Due to the above difficulties designers thought to give churidars a new face to give women a solace. Idea came in their mind and churidars started coming in ready to wear forms. Modern churidars were a great revolution and women also find them very appealing. Modern churidars are very different from the traditional ones. They are very versatile and easy enough to be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Even fabric wise they evolved a lot and apart from cotton and silk also come in fabrics like Lycra, organic cotton and many other types of fabrics. Modern churidars also come in embellished forms. They are very easy to slip on and intact in place. Churis they make are just like traditional churidars ones. Overall in all ways modern churidars are best from old ones.

It is not that modern churidars differs in shape. Churidars will remain churidars only in spite of doing any changes but modern changes which are done to them are very innovative and impart great comfort to women. Now let's have a look on some new styles of churidars. Read below for knowing about modern churidar styles.

Legging Churidars

Legging churidars are very high in fashion presently. These churidars are made up of stretchable fabrics like stretchable cotton, Lycra etc. They are very easy to wear and moreover highly comfortable. They are modernized form of churidars in the way that they do not have drawstrings. On wearing they give complete churidar look.

Adjustable Churidars

You can never know about the taste of women in clothing as different women have different tastes. It is also possible that some like to wear tight churidars while others slightly loose. Keeping this in mind readymade churidars is made that are adjustable by nature. These churidars have press buttons at the lower ends which are not visible. For making churidar tight women can press close the buttons and for loosing let buttons stay open.

Designer Churidars

Nowadays churidars have become designer also. Churis or gatherings of churidars are given various shapes to make them appealing. In some they are also embellished with various embellishments like stones, beads, sequins, and other decorative accessories. Designer churidars are much in fad.

These are some of the latest styles in churidars. Indian women are crazy for churidars due to their perfect look lending quality. Now enhance your appearance with different styles churidars.

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